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Thermafreeze ®

Can you guarantee your customer that your next shipment of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and seafood maintain its premium quality? Arrive as fresh as the day they were sent?

Can you afford to gamble cold-products like vaccines and serums or any other precious medical products to the vicissitude of conventional ice?
Ice, Wet or dry, has been a nightmare for those whose livelihoods depend on the quality of the products during and when they arrive at its destination. This 'primitive' element in the cold-chain management has been singularly responsible for inflating the costs of packaging and shipping of heat sensitive items. Valuable items and products that often arrive at its destination, below par. Not only is conventional ice ineffective as a refrigerant for transport, it is problematic when it melts to water. Dry ice because of its -79 degree Celsius temperature makes handling extremely difficult and risky and in the absence of proper facility, storage in bulk is virtually impossible.
Cold chain management is our specialty.
You can overcome this weak link in the cold-chain management. You can overturn 'operational deficiency' into 'operational proficiency'. You can get ahead of your competitors and onto greater profits.

THERMAFREEZE® is your modern-day solution in temperature control for the transporting of fresh, perishable and heat sensitive products. Unlike conventional wet or dry ice, THERMAFREEZE® offers more advantages for you to ensure optimum conditioning of your products for transportation. No more melting ice to spoil packed products. No more handling and storage difficulty like dry ice.

THERMAFREEZE® is ingeniously efficient as a chilling aid that you need to pack 1/3 less, in relation to conventional ice. This alone ensures you immediate additional savings on freight charges plus extra space for you to pack more products. In addition, THERMAFREEZE® is priced reasonably so that you pay less as compared to dry ice.
Freeze Factor
THERMAFREEZE® excellent 'freezing duration' factor when packaged under proper conditions, makes it much more economical and vastly superior as an invaluable chilling aid to conventional ice.
In its unhydrated state, THERMAFREEZE® is lightweight and compact for easy handling and operation efficiency. It can also be conveniently stored for future usage as and when needed.

Because of its cellular construction, THERMAFREEZE® is inherently flexible, even when fully hydrated and frozen. It can be folded or bent along the divisions between the sachet cells to adjust to the shape of the products being packed. For example, a fresh tuna fish can be lined with THERMAFREEZE® with the sachet cells inserted into its belly cavity to ensure maximum chill control during transportation.
Fluid Retention
THERMAFREEZE® unique formulation is designed for total moisture control to prevent dehydration and to efficiently retain fluid when thawing finally occurs. Unlike messy, meltable ice, THERMAFREEZE® absolutely does not leak fluid when fully saturated.

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