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Cold Chain Management

ThermaRite Group of Companies is a diversified group engaged in manufacturing, distributing and trading. Our wide ranging of gel ice products are readily available through our international network of associated companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand and the rest of the world.

The Group balances the three core activities of manufacturing and distribution of Premium Gel Ice, Liquid Disposal System and Radiant Heat Management for cold chain management to effectively serve the various Industries and in doing so, contributing towards a higher Quality of life for all seafood packaging or exporting products. Our main product is Gel Ice which is suitable for seafood packaging export. Our absorbency pad are used for maintaining the freshness of packaged seafood for seafood exporter.
We have vast experience in cold chain management for exporting seafood packaging into our gel ice.

ThermaRite responds to the unique needs of the seafood industry. We have carefully selected the best packaging supplies available and assembled them under one roof to meet your shipping needs on time. All of our products are selected for durability and quality construction.

The items listed in our catalogue have been proven over the years by our customers. we are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to solve shipping problems and to meet specific shipping needs.Custom design and custom printing are also available.

We are pleased to provide this website to our customers to help simplify your task in selecting the right package for your valuable products. The right packaging is essential to quality transportation, storage, and presentation of the products you produce. The products in this catalog are designed, refined and tested to stand up to the rigors of overseas shipping and multiple handlings.

ThermaRite provides superior products and related services to the seafood industry. Our goal has been simple: to give our customers the best possible package for their money.

Our experienced staff can help create, design, and engineer packaging for all facets of the seafood industry. From primary processing to point-of-purchase displays and sophisticated retail units, our expertise will help market your products and create sales opportunities that get results. Our commitments and dedication have been forged by long term relationships with our suppliers to provide you with consistent packaging that works!

Looking for SEAFOOD PACKAGING in a hurry? When the catch is in unexpectedly, count on ThermaRite to have what you need to get your product out the door, fast. We are the largest distributor of packaging materials to the Malaysia seafood industry and can ship from our STOCK, CUSTOM or ROE program in a moment's notice. See our complete list of items, built from years of experience, to find what you're looking for!

At ThermaRite we manufacture products for shipping and transporting temperature sensitive items.

Our state of the art converting equipment was designed and built by us with the intention of producing packaging materials that are functional and economical.

We laminate closed cell polyethylene foam in a variety of thicknesses to metallized film.  This material is then slit and converted into roll stock material, pouches or sheets.  Our custom built pouch machinery produces bags up to 72" in length and infinite width.  Our sealing system is completely automated and produces the same quality seals that are present in medical packaging applications to prevent leakage.  

The thermal protection achieved in the foam/foil combination is equivalent to what you would get with polystyrene, at a fraction of the cost, not to mention the space and freight savings.  The rolls and pouches can be reused and recycled which is environmentally prudent and much less of a problem for the customer on the other end that receives the product.

We manufacture a variety of stock sizes of rolls and pouches and can custom manufacture practically any size requested.

Our company has been located in Malaysia which gives us a history of providing seafood packaging for over a century. ThermaRite provides seafood packaging to meet every shipping requirement.

ThermaRitehas designed and developed a range of application specific moisture absorbent pads for the Malaysia domestic and export industries including: Poultry, Meat, Seafood, Fruit, Health, and Pharmaceuticals.

High absorbency tray pads are available in two styles. We offer a traditional paper/ply pad that has been the standard pad used in poultry packaging for many years.

Also we now have a proprietary technology using super absorbent polymers (SAP) sealed securely within the tray pad. This enables us to reach much greater retained absorbencies. They are now widely specified for poultry, seafood and other applications where drier & visually appealing point of purchase packaging is required.

Pads are available in continuous roll form for high speed padding machines and cut-to-size packs for use in all types of trays and bags.


Gel Ice :: Seafood Exporter :: Seafood Packaging :: Cold Chain Management :: Absorbency Pad :: Ice Pack Manufacturer